Monday, August 25, 2008

New web site and feed for The Lame Show

Noah and I finally got around to making a new (and legitimate) web site and feed for our podcast, The Lame Show. And by Noah and I, I mean Noah.

The web site is still at the same location, but the feed is now located at If you've subscribed through iTunes you shouldn't have to change anything. But in the off-chance, here's a link to the latest two episodes, which you really shouldn't miss:

Episode 35: Seinfeld vs. Harry Potter

Warner Bros. gets the first Lame List nomination of this episode for bumping the release date of the next Harry Potter movie. Then it’s on to text messaging Obama’s running mate.

Episode 34: Not Very Cuil
Apple gets a Lame List nomination in this episode due to the NDA of its iPhone SDK, KWIM? And the (lack of) availability of the Wii Fit is lame enough to warrant multiple nominations.

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