Wednesday, February 23, 2005

McCartney show sparks complaints to FCC

The FCC has received a handful of complaints about Paul McCartney's performance at the Super Bowl – but not because it was too racy.

The complainants said that the show put on by McCartney was boring and didn't entertain them.
And you thought I was a complainer. At least I don't make a federal case out of it (literally).
In addition, two people submitted complaints this year about last year's duet by Jackson and Timberlake.
First I'm not the biggest complainer and now I'm not the biggest procrastinator?!

'Simple Life' Episode Upsets Residents

WOOD-RIDGE, N.J. - An episode of "The Simple Life" that showed hotel chain heiress Paris Hilton and sidekick Nicole Richie working at a funeral home upset some local residents.

They ... spilled what appeared to be human ashes onto a carpet, then used a vacuum cleaner to clean them up.

The ashes were actually a mixture of cat litter and cement, according to John Podesta, the owner of Kohler Funeral Home.

Podesta said he has received few complaints and would not have participated if he thought the episode would hurt the funeral home's reputation. He said the funeral home was not compensated for hosting the show's taping.
How bad must the funeral home's reputation be for the owner to think that allowing Paris Hilton to fake spilling human ashes on television apparently wouldn't hurt it? And no compensation? Wow, could this guy actually be dumber than Paris herself? Well, maybe not. I don't think his T-Mobile Sidekick got hacked because he picked his dog's name as a password.

Darth Tater

"Not even Mr. Potato Head can resist the power of the dark side. Meet Darth Tater. This Sith spud comes with a red lightsaber, black cape, and helmet, shoes, eyes, nose, teeth, and more! Darth Tater will be available for purchase this April at a toy store near you."

A Closer Look at a Mashing Success

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

macCompanion February 2005 articles

The February 2005 issue of macCompanion has now been released in PDF form. The feature article is my review of Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld in January, which is different than the one I just posted here on the blog yesterday. Double your pleasure!

I also wrote a review of Entourage 2004. As did fellow macCompanion staffer Ted Bade. Although I was interested to read his opinion, both our reviews were cut up and spliced together into one long review. My remarks are in blue, but are completely out of order.

February 2005 - 2.8MB PDF (7-minute download for 56K dial-up users)

  • Watching the Keynote From the Basement – Page 19
  • Entourage 2004 version 11.1.0 – Page 61