Monday, July 26, 2004

e-Column #98

Choices abound for online photos: "Between traditional photo companies and new dot-com businesses, there’s a proliferation of photo service Web sites. These sites offer photo storage, organization, editing, sharing and printing."

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Conservative Television Watchdog Targets Movies: "A Miramax spokeswoman said the (Parents Television Council) seal of approval helped the studio position its recent feature 'Ella Enchanted' as a 'film that offers quality entertainment for the entire family.' Warner Bros. Pictures used the seal in print ads for its Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie 'New York Minute,' ... Universal Pictures is employing it for 'Two Brothers' ... New Line Cinema ... used the PTC seal in advertisements for 2003's 'Secondhand Lions.' ... None of the four movies made a dent at the box office."

See, here's the deal: So many people complain that there are aren't enough family-friendly films. But when some come out, they never go see them! (Not that I want anyone to see "New York Minute")

Other films that were made with much care for families that saw little reward were 1997's "The Borrowers" and last year's "Peter Pan." Money talks!

"Noting that at least six of the 18 shows that PTC sanctioned to its members during the 2003-04 season had been canceled -- including ABC sitcoms 'Married to the Kellys' and 'Life With Bonnie' and NBC's 'The Tracy Morgan Show' -- one network executive called the PTC seal the 'kiss of death.'"

Director McG Flies Out of 'Superman': "'Charlie's Angels' director McG is no longer attached to shoot the next installment of 'Superman,' becoming the latest filmmaker to leave the long-stalled project."

Yay! Better no movie than the horrendous one he would have made.

e-Column #97

Return receipts tell you if e-mail is read ... sometimes

Ironically, this column didn't run for weeks because the editor never received my e-mail.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Lego Spider-Man

The Peril of Doc Ock:
"Catch a comical spoof of the latest 'Spider-Man' movie, as Spidey tangles with Doc Ock in a world comprised solely of LEGO pieces."

The film is by Spite Your Face Productions, which also created amusing Lego films for Lucasfilm and the Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD. It's available in Windows Media and QuickTime.

The Corpse Bride

The news that Johnny Depp is teaming up with Tim Burton again didn't surprise me. What did was the news that their next project is "The Corpse Bride," a stop-motion animation film like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "James & The Giant Peach." In addition, some of the work will be done at Will Vinton Studios in Portland, OR.

Yahoo! Movies - Greg's Preview - The Corpse Bride

Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2It's not too surprising that Spider-Man 2 is such a good film, considering all the great people involved. Those talented folks include co-writer Michael Chabon, whose "The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier & Clay" is a must-read; Alex Ross, whose stunning paintings depict the first film's events in the opening montage/recap (and will now have no reason to complain about not being involved, like he did when I saw him at WizardWorld Chicago); composer Danny Elfman, whose soundtracks are second only to John Williams (and whose Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack sounded remarkably like one from Elfman); Tobey Maguire, who brought real emotion to the role of Peter Parker; the surprisingly effective James Franco as Harry Osborne; and director Sam Raimi, who still managed to provide amusing cameos for Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Stan Lee.

My only real complaint is that the truly excellent new rendition of the "Spider-Man Theme" by Michael Bublé (who Megan and I had the pleasure of seeing open for Chris Isaak in Sacramento) was cut in half and pushed to the tail end of the credits in favor of Dashboard Confessional's "Vindicated."

My ranking of Best 10 Comic Book Superhero Movies is now adjusted as follows:

  1. Superman: The Movie/Superman 2
  2. Batman
  3. The Rocketeer
  4. Spider-Man 2
  5. X2: X-Men United
  6. Hellboy
  7. The Crow
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  9. Spider-Man
  10. The Mask

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Disneyland 2004 Vacation Photos

We got our other roll of film developed, so now all the photos I could fit on a single page are up on our Photo Album.