Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Lame Show: Episode 28

Noah and I are back for another episode of our podcast and I'd describe this latest one as 'back to basics.' No guests or listener questions (not that I dislike either of those), just the two of us sharing our frustrations with the wonders of modern technology.

Late to Leopard

Noah has returned from New York City, where he purchased Leopard from the city's famed Apple Store. Now that both he and Eddie have upgraded, they compare notes on the latest update to Mac OS X and iLife.

Another of Noah's New York purchases figures into the Lame List nominations, as does an application that doesn't play nice with the big cat.

Top picks for this episode include an excellent To Do list application and some music to listen to while you're doing those to's.
Episode 28-1.m4a (56:46)

Update: A user error (mine) left the original version of this episode with some phantom audio. If you experienced that, please re-download the audio file.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

WonderCon 2008 - Masquerade

I didn't get a great seat for this year's Masquerade, so the videos I took were not as good as last year's. But looking at last year's videos, I confirmed that this year's entries simply weren't as good. There were approximately 30 entries and only a handful were entertaining. I've only posted three (I think they all won awards).

I'm not too familiar with who all these people are, but anyone that's played a Zelda game probably knows them. It was still pretty funny to me. Oh, and it features the same kid who played Link last year.

Some costumes can be made, others have to be 'built'

If you know who these guys are, you'll probably love this as much as I did. If you don't, I'm sorry for you. And if you can't understand what they're saying due to the crowd noise, there's a better clip elsewhere on YouTube.

WonderCon 2008 - Wall•E

The Disney hour began with a look at the upcoming The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The trailer was not yet finished at that time, so some centaurs were just people with long green stockings. It was mildly entertaining (certainly more than the Shutter segment) but I was more interested in the latter half of the hour, focusing on Pixar's upcoming film, Wall•E. Director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo) presented a number of clips that were very entertaining. He also answered a few questions like 'If the movie has no dialogue, will John Ratzenberger be in it?' and 'Where will the Pizza Planet delivery truck be?'

Wall•E Director Andrew Stanton at WonderCon 2008

WonderCon 2008 - Return of The X-Files

One of the most well-attended sessions of Saturday, Feb. 23, was for the 20th Century Fox horror thriller Shutter. Why? Because you had to sit through that in order to see The X-Files stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, creator-director-writer-producer Chris Carter and writer-producer Frank Spotnitz. They had been shooting the second motion picture the previous night and flew in to make an appearance and talk with the fans. The excitement in Hall A could not have been much higher and the foursome didn't disappoint, providing a charming, funny and insightful Q&A segment.

The X-Files 2 Panel at WonderCon Pt. 1

The X-Files 2 Panel at WonderCon Pt. 2

The X-Files 2 Panel at WonderCon Pt. 3

The X-Files 2 Panel at WonderCon Pt. 4

WonderCon 2008 part 1

A month's gone by since WonderCon 2008 took place in San Francisco and I've finally had the chance to upload some of the video I took to my YouTube Channel.

The first session I attended (did not record) was the 10,000 B.C. Q&A with director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) and stars Steven Strait and Camilla Belle. Emmerich has a strong (German? Austrian?) accent, so he sounds a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The funniest part was when an audience member asked how historically accurate the film was and Emmerich, referring to the extended clip just shown answered "As you can see, It's nawt a dockumentaree" (imagine it in the 'It's not a tumor' voice). I've since seen the film and can assure you it's more a comedy (not on purpose).

The real reason I attended that session was just to have a decent seat (mission not accomplished) for the following Get Smart session featuring stars Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway and director Peter Segal. In case you don't know, Steve Carell is a huge star, especially among this crowd, but also a genuinely funny person. Although both he and Anne were a bit taken aback by the audience, they had a really great Q&A, which naturally drifted into talk about The Office.

Steve Carell & Anne Hathaway at WonderCon Part 1

Steve Carell & Anne Hathaway at WonderCon Part 2

Steve Carell & Anne Hathaway at WonderCon Part 3

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Lame Show: Episode 27

Things are a little different for this episode because I upgraded to a new version of iWeb and it decided to change the layout of the site and files, probably breaking links, etc.

Invaded by a PC 'mindset'

PC guy Chris Gauthier visits The Lame Show to discuss with Noah and Eddie the supposed 'Mac Mindset' of superiority, iPhones being hacked around the world and the superiority of the Amazon MP3 store over the iTunes store. He also details a Linux-based home media centre.

Their top picks this episode include the most well-written movie of 2007, a newly-released animation effort and a way to learn new languages via an online social network.

Lame List nominations include both Apple and Microsoft, plus a subpar projector.
Episode 27.m4a (1:04:10)